Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My first MoR article

W00t! So, here I am, the greenest writer on MoR. ;)

My article, Preview of the Premiere League, details my predictions for the top league in MoR, who'll come out on top and who'll provide the entertainment.

I will try to keep my writing separate, with this blog being my personal experiences in RoN, and my writings on MoR more geared towards the League and all it's facets.

I hope you fine folks who read my blog continue to do so, as well as visiting the MoR site to check it out.

Patch 2 Beta seems to have caught on, I've not heard any of the noise that I did after the Patch 1 went in. Either everyone ditched their hacked, no-cd copies of RoN and T&P, or Patch 2 works. :P You be the judge. Either way, it works well enough that I see many more games that say "Patched" than those that declare "no patch". After the start of MoR, and if a few upcoming tournaments are successful, then I think we can declare Patch 2 a success, and perhaps BHG is paying attention to what we, the gaming community that plays RoN, are saying.

Long live Rise of Nations!