Friday, December 31, 2004

New Years Eve and RoN

It's December 31st. New Years Eve. And so I wish you a happy new year. May your roads be sunny and straight.

Over the next day or two I am going to test out the Patch 2 Beta, and see if my Dutch strategy needs revising. Likely it will, since they've nerfed their early game power a little.

I am also going to write one for the Americans, post-Patch 2. They get a good nerfing, and I suspected they would get one eventually.

If the Patch 2 proves to mostly eliminate the OoS problems, and the nerfs in it are actually decent, then I think I shall undertake to create a tournament, or even a league ladder, in the new year. I'll likely need some help, so if there are any out there who'd like to help me give this a whirl, please email me.

Lastly, for those having problems connecting to Patch 2 Beta games, but no problems hosting one, please see my post below, as well as El_Capitan's post on Out4Blood's Rise of Nations Strategy blog. This HaloScan comments thread is also helpful.

Keep on RoN-ing in the Free World!