Saturday, October 30, 2004

Patch, Tourney, and (new) Site...

Well, first off, Big Huge Games released the patch download information prematurely, and they're sorry "for the false alarm". Talk about getting my hopes up and then dashing them. What I am eagerly looking forward to are the fixes to the out of sync problems, and the Red Fort issue.

Next, there's a tournament posted over at Mr. Fixit Online, the Smurf Tourney, where you sign up using a name no one knows you by. Smurf on over here for all the info, and to sign up.

Lastly, while I was away, a clan site opened up, the Kings Royal Guard. Their site has a forum, tournament info, a clan world map, and links to strats and recorded games.

Slowly easing back into RoN, smurf ya later!