Monday, July 26, 2004

Tournament Rec'd Games

_RCF_Morrigu has uploaded 32 games from this past Expanded Hostilities tournament. You can find them here, they all have "EH" before the description. Enjoy, and thanks muchly to _RCF_Morrigu for uploading.

In other news, KRG_Redfish's All Aztec Tournament has 24 people signed up. A number of players from Expanded Hostilities are there, including: FSF_Sicilian; El_Capitan; TWC_Pride; Raider; BC_Tascan; AU_wolf; KRG_Hasufel; KRG_Jups; P2TrioT; and li'l ole me. There are probably a few there who smurfed the EH tourney as well. :P

That's all for now!