Tuesday, July 27, 2004

RoN Universe T&P Ladder

A few of the fine folks over at RoN Universe are putting together a T&P Ladder, and are calling for input here.

Once things are settled on the ladder format, they are going to look for volunteers to organize and run things, after that, I believe games will commence. So click on over and get involved.

I've glanced down at the little counter at the bottom of my blog here, and found I'm over the 1000 hits mark. Yay me! :P Actually, links from the Strategy Catalogue, the Infidel's game links page, El_Capitan over at Out4Blood's RoN Strategy blog and being linked to the front page of RoN Universe added quite a few to my readers. Thanks everyone for the links, and for reading!

Keep on blogging.... er, Rising!