Saturday, July 24, 2004

Game Day!

Well, the tournament day is finally here. They have the brackets up: Bracket 1, Bracket 2, Bracket 3 and Bracket 4. You may have to login to MFO to see the brackets though.

It looks like a decent turnout, when the signups closed, there were 176 players signed up.

I'm in bracket 4, my first game is against Piano Man. Things do not look well for the winner of the game, as the next one in line, with a bye, is Gigi_, who is seeded 4th. Oh goody! :P

My friend EMELT receive a bye as well, getting into the second round to face Clarkitus. G'luck EMELT! =)

The cream of the crop are here as well, the 30 seeded players read like a who's who of RoN, with PCA_Frogman, TWC_ShaDowZ, El_Capitan, Gigi_, AU_niDe, AU_wolf, AU_DreaDKniGhT and TWC_PridE all there. Good luck to everyone in the tourney.

Looks like a fun day, and a long one for some.