Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Undocumented feature: The CEO

A good friend of mine, EMELT, seen handing me my ass in a recorded game just recently, has found what looks to be an undocumented bonus given by the CEO.

In watching a replay, he noticed a sharp climb in one of the players' knowledge rate. After some preliminary experimentation, EMELT says that when the CEO has a city within it's command radius, and that city has a university, the scholars within that university gain a +50% bonus of knowledge. Only the scholars, not the university itself, gain the bonus, and it only works in that one city. If the CEO has more than one city in it's radius, the bonus only counts at one university.

He's going to experiment more with it, and hopefully I'll have a link to a recorded game proving it. Someone want to give it a shot themselves and see? Has this been documented before anywhere? I don't see it on BHG's site, and a cursory search in Google didn't bring up anything. Someone let me know...