Friday, June 04, 2004

Thrones & Patriots: Wonders

The new wonders in the expansion for RoN are quite powerful, especially the Hanging Gardens. The knowledge bonus granted by the Gardens is worth fighting for, since it's available in the same age as the Pyramids and the Colossus, and that's when you get your universities. As well as a bonus to knowledge, the Gardens decrease the Lumber Mill, Smelter and Granary research by a whopping 66%. The Germans might well consider building this wonder, which enhances one of their bonuses.

The Red Fort is a massive fort, with incredible border push, and an astounding healing rate. The Fort resists air raid damage, has many hitpoints, has a larger garrison value than regular forts, increases all forts hp by 33% and all fort upgrades are free. Fantastic!

The last wonder, the Forbidden City, is a wonder that counts as a city. You place it wherever you could place a regular city, and it doesn't count against your city limit. It can produce citizens, and do anything else a regular city can. I haven't tried yet, but I wonder if you can move your capital to the Forbidden City, by building the Senate at it's location.

Overall, these new wonders aren't unbalancing and are fairly decent in what they grant in the way of bonuses. They add something new to the game, especially the Forbidden City, and work to lessen the competition for building wonders (since there are more wonders to build).