Friday, June 04, 2004

Thrones & Patriots: The Iroquois

I've given the Iroquois a couple of shots now, and overall, I dislike them.

It's handy to have +2 food per wood chopper, as I mentioned in an earlier post, you can get your first city to +100/+100 food/wood if you try. But I seem to have problems collecting enough resources.

The healing ability is rather nice, especially when you are playing a defensive game near the beginning. When combined with one of the green side governments, this ability allows you to fight a very long defensive game without losing scads of troops doing so.

The scout's ability to move through forests, as well as having a larger line-of-sight, makes the Iroquois scout very useful. You can move to your enemy's cities, and hide out of sight in one of the larger forest areas.

I'll have to play the Iroquois a number of more times before I make a final decision on them. I don't believe I'll play them much, maybe if I know in advance I'll be playing on a largely forest map.