Friday, June 04, 2004

Thrones & Patriots: Governments

Governments, and the Senate, are new features found in Thrones & Patriots.

The Senate allows you to switch your capital to another city, by building the Senate at the city you wish your capital to be. You need to be in control of your current capital in order to switch capitals.

Being able to switch capitals is a godsend, you can move your capital to a safer location, at the back of your lands, or perhaps hidden inside your ally's territory.

The different governments are also quite useful. There are two "sides" to the governments, the red side (Despotism, Monarchy and Socialism) and the green side (Republic, Democracy and Capitalism). The red side provides a lot of military bonuses, where as the green side provides economic bonuses. Each of the lines gives a new unit, a hero general which provides additional bonuses to the general's normal powers.

Despotism makes military research and barracks units cheaper, and provides the Despot unit. The Despot gives supply, LoS and plunder bonuses.

Monarchy includes the bonuses of your previous government (either Despotism or Republic), and makes stable units faster and cheaper to build. The King unit provides siege, supply and cavalry combat bonuses.

Socialsim includes the bonuses of the two previous governments (Despotism or Republic, and Monarchy or Democracy) plus makes factory, dock and airfield units cheaper and faster to build. The Comrade unit gives supply, combat and assimilation bonuses.

Republic increases your economy cap, and the Senator unit gives healing, as well as bribery and building defense bonuses.

Democracy provides the previous government's bonuses, as well as making non-library researches cheaper. The President unit provides production, building and healing bonuses.

Capitalism provides the two previous government's bonuses, and gives +100 oil as well as a 500 oil bonus. The CEO provides healing, defense and range bonuses.

Now, once you have chosen a specific government type, you cannot change that choice, but when the next opportunity opens to choose another gov't type, you can choose from either side of the line. So you can choose the first red gov't, and the second green, and the third red. Or any combination possible. Each nation type out there can benefit from at least one of the government types, or the hero general units.

Personally, I choose the government types to cover weaknesses in my game play, if I am suffering economically, I choose the green side of the line usually. If I need a military boost, I choose the red. I have had to use the ability to change capitals at least a half-dozen times, so I've found it quite useful.