Saturday, May 29, 2004

Thrones & Patriots: The Dutch

I've tried out the Dutch a few more times, and I've found out something interesting. It is said that the Dutch get +5 resources for every 100 resources saved. For every 200 food saved, you are gaining +10 food. What I have noticed is that while it is true that it's +5 for every 100, it's actually +1 for every 20. So you don't need to save up exactly 100 to get the +5. It's nice that this ability goes +50 over your economy cap.

The Dutch do very well on maps with large amounts of water, having a navy backing up your army is a very nice one-two combo.

The armed caravans can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth, occasionally the caravan stops to shoot at raiders or an army, and this attracts their attention, and the caravan usually dies.

The two free merchants at the start is nice as well, you can usually set on down on a rare resource right away, and explore with the other one until you find a rare resource that is useful.

The Dutch will likely be my favourite nation from T&P, I do like the Americans, but I believe they'll get nerfed.