Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My first MoR article

W00t! So, here I am, the greenest writer on MoR. ;)

My article, Preview of the Premiere League, details my predictions for the top league in MoR, who'll come out on top and who'll provide the entertainment.

I will try to keep my writing separate, with this blog being my personal experiences in RoN, and my writings on MoR more geared towards the League and all it's facets.

I hope you fine folks who read my blog continue to do so, as well as visiting the MoR site to check it out.

Patch 2 Beta seems to have caught on, I've not heard any of the noise that I did after the Patch 1 went in. Either everyone ditched their hacked, no-cd copies of RoN and T&P, or Patch 2 works. :P You be the judge. Either way, it works well enough that I see many more games that say "Patched" than those that declare "no patch". After the start of MoR, and if a few upcoming tournaments are successful, then I think we can declare Patch 2 a success, and perhaps BHG is paying attention to what we, the gaming community that plays RoN, are saying.

Long live Rise of Nations!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Full Patch 2 Beta details

Ok, I've updated my Dutch strategy a little, no heavy changes to the Dutch in the Patch 2, except that their commerce is only 10% cheaper, and they only receive one free ship when a dock completes. This slows the Dutch down a bit, but with cheaper commerce, their free resources, and free ships, they are a good middle-late game nation and on water maps they can hold their own.

The Patch 2 Beta apparently fixes OoS problems, I've played a few 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 games over Gamespy, and no OoS's to report.

Full nerf/buff info below.

Balance Changes:

  • free resources for infantry units now +2 instead of +3
  • removed free science technology at game start
  • reduced free bombers at airbases from +2 to +1
  • no longer get a free fishing boat when they build a dock
  • receive one free light ship with each new Dock built instead of two
  • commerce research now 10% cheaper instead of 25% cheaper
  • siege is now 15% cheaper instead of 25%
  • siege production speed lowered to 25% faster and move speed bonus lowered
  • reduced bonus woodcutter slot to +1 instead of +2
  • reduced Cavalier hitpoints
  • Libraries and Universities are now 66% cheaper
  • reduced speed and LOS of their unique scout units
  • reduced hitpoint bonus for their Heavy Infantry to +5%
  • reduced the move speed bonus for their unique infantry
  • doubled the free resources generated by their unique Horse Archer line
  • increased their timber discount on buildings to 25% from 20%
  • increased building hitpoint bonus to 25% from 20%
  • unique archers now do less damage to other archer units
  • merchant, caravan, and market cost discount reduced to 10% from 50% cheaper
  • slightly reduced the cost of their unique Heavy Infantry
  • wealth bonus per city now +10 instead of +15
  • now 15% cheaper units and military research instead of 25%
CEO Patriot
  • now gives +2 range bonus instead of +4 to friendly units

I am also giving my thoughts to a ladder system, something to run 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and even 4v4 games. I like what MoR is doing, of course, but I think this would be a good idea: create a ladder where your opponents *and* partners are randomly chosen. You could get a good partner(s) or a bad partner(s), and good or bad opponents.

Most clans are exclusive clubs, not necessarily elitism, but usually invite only. Getting into a clan is not always easy. The random system allows for good players to be grouped with bad players (not necessarily bad players, just ones who aren't as good, or perhaps they are new to PvP, or are out of practice), allowing the less experienced players to gain some experience by playing with good ones, and allowing the good players to teach the less experienced ones their ways. Heh, hope that's not too confusing.

Anyways, I am working it out, and seeing what resources are available. I'll keep ya in the loop.

MoR: The Countdown begins...

The Masters League (MoR) is now less than a week away from starting.

The matches begin on the weekend of January 8th and 9th. Check out the standings and the schedule. The league site is here and the forums here

I volunteered to help out the staff at MoR, and I learned just a while ago that I am invited to write for them. :) w00t! So look for my stuff at their site, and as always, here.