Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Master of Ron League

Well, whether they know it or not, I've signed myself and a few friends up to play in FSF's Masters of Ron league.

We'll be playing under the name UnTouchables. Four of us started together in multiplayer games oh so long ago in "NetMech", a Battletech video game, sometime in the early 1990s. We were basically undefeated, and dubbed ourselves UnTouchables. How this will hold up to the other teams in the league remains to be seen. Heheh, pride goeth before the fall, as the saying goes.

The UnTouchables website will be up sometime soon, and we'll definitely be having a blog. Even if I gotta twist the other's arms to get them to post... ;)

As a last note, to BHG: I am in solidarity with those who have posted complaints to your website, as well as creating splash pages to their own clan websites about the seemingly half-assed patch released recently. Rise of Nations, and it's expansion, is an awesome game, that was supposed to have been patched properlly, you certainly took your time doing it too. With the popularity of the game, going gold even, I refuse to believe that there are *that* many cracked versions of the game out there. Some on the 'net have posted "proof" that it's the unpatched, cracked version being able to play with the latest patched version that causes the problem. A load of hooey if you ask me. Either you didn't find what was causing the original OOS problems, or you've been dragging your feet these past few patches in finding a way to prevent cracked versions of the game from playing with the legal, patched versions. You need to sit down, think things over, and keep us (the players of your fine product) informed as to what you plan to do about the situation. Else you're joining the hacks who play with the crack in shooting RoN in the head.

Perhaps this rant is posted a tad too late, but I needed to get that out. Reading some of the websites has gotten me mad...