Saturday, November 06, 2004

Patch Time!

Ok, the patch for Thrones & Patriots is a reality now, and I shall be updating my T&P at some point today.

Anyone out there already patched, and have you actually noticed any difference?

If you check here, you'll find a description of the changes applied in the patch. Notably:

  • Fixed bug that caused patriot bonuses to break when switching from military to economic government lines.
  • Fixed crash with Red Fort when units were garrisoned inside to heal.
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby bug that caused player stats to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a multiplayer out of sync issue.
  • Fixed bug that gave Russian players capital plunder bonus when their own capital was sacked, as well as the attacking player. Only the attacker gets it now.
The first one on my short list was one that I rarely noticed happening, and since my Patriot is regularily killed in battle, once he "repops" he's running the right bonuses.

The Red Fort bug was a particularly large thorn in my side, since I play a lot of co-op games with friends vs. computer AI. The Red Fort allows one side to defend, while the other side takes it to the computer. Since units were healing all the time in the Red Fort, it was usually only a matter of when the game would crash, not if.

I don't have to mention the horrible lobby for the online multiplayer part of the game, now do I? :P

Fixed a multiplayer out of sync issue???? There's more than ONE?!?! This is something that should have top priority when it comes to patching!

As for the Russians, looks like the "move your capital to the front for free sac bonus" strategy is blown all to hell. I never knew if it was a bug or coded on purpose. Heh.

Oooh, I signed up for the Google Adsense program, and they accepted me. Now I can make the big bucks from all three of you folks reading this page! :P

Off to kill some time with RoN.