Saturday, July 24, 2004

All Aztec Tournament

KRG_Redfish has posted details of an All Aztec Tournament. Basically, everyone takes Aztec in 1v1 games, in a morning/day/evening/night of killing and sacrifice.

Sounds like fun...

Count me in!

Tournament Rec Games

Well, there are recorded games being posted up all over. First up, is RoN Universe Rec Games. Generally you are looking for the date of July 24th, 2004. Then there is MFO's Rec Games. Again, look for today's date. Nothing so far is uploaded to RoN Planet or RoN Heaven. Anarchy Unlimited has one game here. You'll need a free registration for AU though. It's worth it, AU_bird vs ROSA_Gigantea. Check out Out4Blood's blog for a few more links to rec game downloads.


Battle Reports: Round 4

Well, to say the least, I got my ass kicked.

TinTin1225 mounted a nice cavalry charge in the late game, captured my second city, and then moved on to the capital. He probably would have won a Territory Victory as well.

Back to the minors to practise... :P

TinTin1225 goes on to fight HeaveNs_ReQuieM. El_Capitan was also fighting onward, in bracket 3, facing off against RomanGladius, aka AU_sims. TWC_ShaDowZ is facing off against AU_wolf, which should be a fantastic game, in Bracket two, with FrustrationLife getting a bye. Bracket 1 has PCA_Frogman into the fifth round, as well as _Lex_JoRt_.

So that's the round up for now. I'll post some saved recs at RoNU, since MFO doesn't seem to be working.

Battle Reports: EMELT's done...

... stick a fork in him.

He played a good game against Raider, but Raider won by Territory Victory.

In round four I'll be playing either dokkai or Tintin.

Battle Reports: Round 3

Well, D-Dainius and deceptor were both no shows, and so I get another bye into the fourth round.

EMELT is currently in a life and death struggle against One Tough Raider. I've my fingers crossed for EMELT, he's getting the beats currently.

More as the tournament goes on.

Battle Reports: Round 1 and 2

Well, called me bored.  :(

My first round opponent did not show, Piano Man.  So that earned me a bye.  I felt a little relieved.  But my second round opponent was also absent, Gigi_, ranked #4.  So, here I am in the third round, untested!

EMELT defeated his opponent, Clarkitus, in a fairly nice game.  EMELT was the Maya, and Clarkitus played the Americans.  To his credit, Clarkitus did a fast build, with an instant TCA.  But, in the end, EMELT was victorious.

Woo, waiting for round 3.

Nations I'll prolly play...

So, in today's tourney, I've a list of nations that I'll play.


I took out the Nubians and Persians, I've not had a lot of practise with them, but I have played the Aztecs and Romans quite a bit recently. Both the Aztecs and Romans are good for both defensive and offensive strats early on. I took out the Lakota, they are nice in that you don't need to have farms, so that's about 8 to 12 less citizens I have just farming. Though they can be difficult if there isn't any fishing. I've replaced them with the Turks. So, let's see how I do, neh?

Game Day!

Well, the tournament day is finally here. They have the brackets up: Bracket 1, Bracket 2, Bracket 3 and Bracket 4. You may have to login to MFO to see the brackets though.

It looks like a decent turnout, when the signups closed, there were 176 players signed up.

I'm in bracket 4, my first game is against Piano Man. Things do not look well for the winner of the game, as the next one in line, with a bye, is Gigi_, who is seeded 4th. Oh goody! :P

My friend EMELT receive a bye as well, getting into the second round to face Clarkitus. G'luck EMELT! =)

The cream of the crop are here as well, the 30 seeded players read like a who's who of RoN, with PCA_Frogman, TWC_ShaDowZ, El_Capitan, Gigi_, AU_niDe, AU_wolf, AU_DreaDKniGhT and TWC_PridE all there. Good luck to everyone in the tourney.

Looks like a fun day, and a long one for some.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

In a quandry...

Well, only about 7 days left until the tournament. Woo!

But, I am sorta stuck... I want to add in the Aztecs and the Romans to my list of planned races (assuming I make it past round 1), but I don't want to make the list too long. So, which two should I drop in order to add the two new ones?

Someone help! :P