Friday, July 02, 2004

RoN Tournament @ MFO

As listed on Out4Blood's RoN Strategy blog, MFO is hosting a RoN tournament and you can sign up here. There's no fee to join, and there's prizes for the top 16 players, plus random t-shirt and gold star prizes handed out.

I've signed up, so someone will be looking forward to handing me my ass. :P

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Canada Day!

Well, it's July 1st, 2004. Canada has been a country for 137 years now.

Let's kick back and toast to another 137 years of Canada!

The Dutch: Ye gods!

Well, I played a game tonight, where I experimented with an idea.

Maybe others have tried it before, or thought about it, I'm sure it's not a new idea.

I played the Dutch in a co-op game, four humans versus four tougher computers. We've got a new player to the game, so we toned down the AI. East Meets West was the map, a nice defendable map...

About half way through the game, my goal was to get 10000 of each resource. At 10000 resources above starting resources, the interest the Dutch get is +500. Add in five or so cities, some rare resources, and it should be easy to reach +600 economy cap. It works... I was able to kill off my citizens, gaining back about 30+ pop. cap to boost the size of my army.

Now I'm going to try to see how quickly I can reach this point, making use of the market, rares and ruins bonuses. I don't think this can be of huge use early in the game, if you can survive to GP age or Enlightenment, then you've got a chance at pulling this off.