Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Thrones & Patriots: The Americans

The Americans, in my opinion still, are the first nerf target of the new nations in T & P.

They start off with a free science tech, which makes researching the first few techs easier.

Their infantry produces +3 wealth, food, wood and metal each (providing they are not garrisoned), so once you've gotten a decent sized army created, it really starts to pay for itself. If you're the type to do an early rush, you are also helping your economy, so it is possible to rush and boom with the Americans.

I'm not quite sure what their rationale is for that either. Their troops are scrounging? Or are they being hunters, farmers and miners in their spare time?

Their first wonder is built instantly, if it's not the Space Program or Super Collider, and if no other nation is building it. If they age quickly, they can get the Terra Cotta Army built instantly, and then get free resources as they get their free infantry.

The Americans get one free scholar for each university they build.

Lastly, their government types are free, just click when you've got the needed age.

So, to cap it off, they get free resources, free scholars (so some free knowledge), a free science tech, and free governments. Land of the free, anyone?

I've yet to play them in a pvp game, but I've done exceedingly well in games vs. multiple computers.

Let the nerfing begin!